Windshield Repair

Why Should You Repair A Chip That Looks Harmless?

It’s not uncommon to have a rock or other piece of road debris hit the windshield of your vehicle. If a large crack forms, you clearly need an auto glass replacement. But is it really worth fixing that small chip or crack? The short answer is yes!

A simple chip on the windshield can quickly expand in size with sudden impact. Left unchecked, the crack can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield, ultimately causing harm to the driver or front seat passenger in the event of an accident.

A smaller repaired area is also aesthetically pleasing and can blend in much more smoothly into the rest of the glass. An auto glass replacement or repair is also environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet. With insurance, in many cases, you will incur little to no out-of-pocket expense.

Why does Liberty Auto Body Believe in Auto Glass Repair as the First Option?

Liberty Auto Body believes in ‘repair first, replace if needed’. It may seem like the easier option is to toss away the entire windshield, which is why many auto glass companies try to avoid repair. Still, at Liberty Auto Body, we always prefer to repair cracks and chips with our top of the line epoxy resin technology. But if damage expands beyond a certain size, repair is no longer an option.

At Liberty Auto Body, we pride ourselves on repairing most windshield chips and cracks shorter than three inches. The faster you get your car to us, the better chances of a successful repair.

Of course, we also replace windshields if the crack is too extensive for repair.

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Auto Glass Replacement

Once a crack starts spreading across your windshield, the option to repair it has passed. Now, it’s time to consider a replacement.

Why Won’t Glass Repair Work on a Larger Crack?

Many factors affect the cost of windshield replacement, including the age of the vehicle and your vehicle’s insurance. The location of the crack and the area of damage also determines if a windshield must be replaced. A crack right at eye level could distort your vision or reflect the sun into your eyes. A new windshield provides better visibility for safer driving. If you get into a rollover crash with a larger repaired glass area, the windscreen may not be able to uphold your car’s structural integrity. No matter the cost, windshield replacement is often vital for the safety of your vehicle.

Our highly trained technicians can replace any glass surface on your vehicle from car window replacements to sunroof replacements and, of course, windshield replacements. Liberty Auto Body uses only the highest quality adhesives, epoxies and replacement glass. Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass provides the exact replacement windshield for the perfect fit.




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