Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on my type of vehicle?2021-06-07T13:22:28-04:00

Yes. We service cars, trucks, and vans of all makes and models, as well as commercial vehicles.

Can I drop my car off after hours?2021-06-07T13:16:57-04:00

Yes! We have a key drop so you can safely and conveniently drop off your vehicle after hours.

Do you offer tires?2021-06-07T13:10:06-04:00

Yes, we provide tires as part of a larger repair. If you have a need for just a tire replacement, we recommend Town Fair tire.

What kind of parts do we use for repairs?2021-05-19T20:18:52-04:00

We use quality OEM or original parts from the manufacturer, depending on the customer’s preference.

When is a car considered “totaled?”2021-06-07T13:10:57-04:00

A car is “totaled” when damage on the car is more than what the car is worth, less the salvage value (what a junk yard would pay).

How long does it usually take to complete repairs?2021-06-07T13:11:48-04:00

Depending on the extent of damage, work on most vehicles is completed in two weeks or less. (?)

Do you have a waiting area?2021-06-07T13:12:36-04:00

Yes! When you come in for an appointment or an estimate, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member and invited to relax in our homey customer waiting area, complete with free WIFI, a fireplace, a full screen TV, and a coffee bar with espresso and cappuccino.

What types of vehicles do they work on?2021-05-19T20:12:24-04:00

We work on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans, both foreign and domestic.

What is the cost of an estimate?2021-06-07T13:13:15-04:00

Estimates are always free.

Can I bring my car in without an appointment?2021-06-07T13:13:37-04:00

Yes. If you are having work done through your insurance company, the easiest way to handle an estimate or repair is to leave it with us and we will handle things from there. Most customers, when working through their insurance, arrange to leave their car with us and we handle all the paperwork and start working on your car as soon as the insurance company approves it.  In cases where the customer is not using insurance for repairs, we will provide a detailed estimate. In this case, the extent of the damage will determine how long an estimate will take. We will look for damage that may not be visible, which requires us to look beyond the cosmetic damage to determine if mechanical or structural issues exist. For this reason, it is best to drop it off your car so we have the time to do a proper estimate. You can drop by, and we will let you know if more time is needed. [insert image of estimate]

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