If you have been intermixing the terms ‘auto repair’ and ‘auto body repair,’ thinking them to be the same, we are here to clear the air.

An auto body shop and an auto mechanic shop may sound indistinguishable, but there are several variations between the two. Knowing how they vary makes all the difference!

What is an Auto Body Repair Shop?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, most people would head to an auto repair shop. The auto repair shop will check and fix your vehicle’s internal parts, such as the engine, transmission, suspension, etc. It deals with the “guts” of the car, so to speak. But most often than not, auto repair shops are equipped to only repair the vehicle’s inside.

Here’s where the auto body repair enters the scene. It deals with complete frame examination, dents and scratch repair, and paint restoration. Additionally, auto body shops also tend to your car’s internal components. Taking your vehicle to an auto body repair shop will save you time and money as it handles all aspects of a vehicle’s mending and maintenance.

Types of Auto Body Shops

Paintless Dent Repair

Ever had one of those dents on your car where the paint was strangely unaffected? The experts at Liberty Auto Body repair such dents by a paintless dent removal method. Once finished, it will be as if you had dreamt the dent!

Glass Replacement and Windshield Repair

Using our top-of-the-line epoxy resin technology, small to medium chips, cracks, and scratches on the windshield are easily mendable at Liberty Auto Body. An auto body shop will also offer windshield replacements using only the highest quality replacement glass for more extensive windshield damages.

Body Filler

To restore extensive car dents, an auto body shop fills in the dent with a body filler material that consists of a polyester resin with a cream hardener. The putty like material is smoothened over and painted to look perfectly natural sans any damage.

Think of it like the spackle used in home repair to cover nails and even out walls.

Body Panel Replacement

In some situations, it helps to replace the damaged panel of your vehicle. It can include door replacements, hood replacement, fender replacement, bumper replacement, trunk lid replacement, etc.

Collision Repair 

After a severe vehicle collision, major auto body repairs are often necessary. The Auto Body shop team inspects your vehicle to assess the damage in such cases. Once an estimate on the repairs is made and approved by the customer, the technicians disassemble the vehicle as needed and work on the repairs. They then reassemble the vehicle and detail it as necessary.

Time can vary based on the number and severity of the repairs needed.

Car Body Painting

This service repair is primarily to protect the outer part of the car. The body painting helps protect your car from weather elements, or it can merely be for cosmetic purposes. Car body painting will also keep your car safe from chips and scratches, cracking, paint damage and rust.

Pros/Cons of Do-it-Yourself Auto Body Repairs

Trying your hand at DIY Auto Body repairs may or may not be worth it. Weigh all pros and cons before you decide to give your car a facelift at home.

Pros of DIY Auto Body Repairs

Reduced Costs

While we don’t recommend working on your car yourself, doing so can save you some dollars. You may be able to procure some parts without the added charges of a middleman.

It’s Satisfying  

Working on their cars is an enjoyable pastime for many people. If you’re one of them, you may want to try some simple DIY Auto Body projects.

Cons of DIY Auto Body Repair

A Risky Proposition 

There is the risk of things going sideways when working on your car. You can get sprayed in the eye by toxic chemicals. You can slip while using a tool and cut yourself severely. Even if you perform the repairs without incident, you could be putting yourself at risk driving an inadequately repaired vehicle.   

It Can Cancel Your Warranty 

In many cases, conducting your own repairs can void your manufacturer’s warranty or even the extended warranty. You could undermine the ability to get free maintenance made under your warranty by trying to save money on repairs that weren’t covered.

Car Repairs to do Yourself 

There is no harm in doing certain straightforward repairs yourself. The following might be an excellent place to start.

  • Battery change
  • Replace air filter
  • Oil change
  • Replace brake pads
  • Change head or taillights
  • Replace a tire

If you find yourself in need of auto body or auto repair services that are beyond your skillset, give us a call! Liberty Auto Body provides fast, convenient auto body services, auto repairs, and even tires. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!